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Which restaurants can I pay by credit card?

Not all delivery restaurants accept cashless payments. If you recognize the logos of Visa, Master Card or from the post at a delivery restaurants place you'll be able to pay cashless there. Of course, there is always the opportunity to pay cash for the delivery restaurant.

Which non-cash payments can be used?

Currently, besides Master Card and Visa there are also PostFinance Cards or payments via PostFinance e-finance accepted.

In which cases my data is needed?

At the end of the ordering process your data has to be placed in a SSL-encrypted formular. After completing the fill out process you will be diverted to our partner-side Ogone. There the transaction is initiated after pressing the confirmation button. When the transaction is completed you will be redirected to the website. An appropriate feedback for the transaction will be shown.

When the payment is successful?

The payment is successfull when the user confirms the entered data for the transaction and a confirmation message appears at the back line on If the user is not returned to the page of by Ogone, the transaction will be invalid. Equally unsuccessful a transaction will be, if the "Back"- oder "Refresh" buttons on the Ogone payment site are clicked or the browser window is closed before the redirection on is completed.

What will happen, if there is a failure in paying by cashless payment options?

In this case, the order will NOT be forwarded to the delivery restaurant and the user can still order using cash payment.

Cancelling orders

It is only possible to cancel an order which is not marked as an "immidiate delivery". The reason for it is justified in the poduction process of the ordered food, which starts immidiately after the order arrives at our partner delivery restaurant. This ensures a rapid delivery to our customers. In case of a cancellation our partner cannot do anything else with the order because it is the personal choice of the customer.

What will happen if there is a complaint (For example, because of a lack of supply)?

If a user has paid by credit card and wants to announce a complaint (e.g. due to lack of supply), he should send an email to within 3 days after the order took place. All facts should be explained in the email as accurately as possible. examines the case within 2 days and the sum of the order is referred back to the user if the complaint will be legetimated.