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The Italian cuisine in influenced by different geografical regions in Italy. The Pizza, for example, was invented in the region of Naples. The famous Prusciutto di Parma and the Barolo wine come from the northern part of Italy. It would be a big mistake to reduce Italian food only on Pizza. A large number of pasta, risotto, antipasti or stews are combined with vegetables, meat, fish, game and poultry. Fresh herbs and extra virgin olive oil are the basic ingredients of every Italian meal. They are also increasingly an integral part of our local cuisine by now.

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Pizza, pasta, antipasti, lasagna and other Italian delicacies can be ordered from the following Pizza delivery restaurants and Italian delivery services. Your orders will be delivered up to your doorstep:

5 Stagioni

Sonnenhofweg 12, 3006, Bern
Pizza, Salate, Pasta, Desserts, Softdrinks

7 Pasta

Steinackerstrasse 35, 8302, Kloten
Pizza, Wunsch-Pizza, Pizza al Metro, Hot Sandwich, Cevapcici, Salate, Pasta, Desserts, Softdrinks, Bier, Weine, Spirituosen

A modo mio

Buchserstrasse 14/16, 8108, Dällikon
Pizza, Salate / Vorspeisen, Pasta, Risotto, Fleischgerichte, Desserts, Softdrinks, Bier, Weine

A2 Burger & More

Hauptstrasse 87, 4702, Oensingen
Bestsellers, Burgers, Burgerbeilagen / Snacks, Burger Menüs, Food Box, Würste, A2 Classic Menüs, Mexican Pfanne, Burritos Mexico, Pizza, Mexican Dürüms, Kebab & Dürüm, Kebab Menü, Gyros Teller, Pepitos, Vegi & Fitness, Pasta, Salate, Desserts, Softdrinks, Biere

Aare Pizza

Sägegasse 2, 3110, Münsingen
Pizza, Kebab, Salate, Snacks, Desserts, Softdrinks, Wein, Bier

Aare Pizza Driver

Gysulastrasse 3, 5000, Aarau
Pizza, Salate, Pasta, Specials, Chicken Nuggets, Chicken Salamon, Poppers, Desserts, Softdrinks, Bier, Weine

Aare Pizzeria

Aarestrasse 38b, 3600, Thun
Pizza - Bitte Extra Zutaten separat bestellen, Salate, Spaghetti, Kebab & Snack, Fingerfood, Tortellini, Desserts, Wein, Bier, Softdrinks

Aarsports Wase N1

Langgass 4, 5244, Birrhard
Pizza, Pasta, Fleischgerichte, Salate

Adler Pizzakurier

Thunstrasse 28, 3510, Konolfingen
Pizzen, Salate, Finnische Spezialitäten, Pide, Snacks, Dessert, Bier, Softdrinks

Adoy Pizza & Kebab House

Reussdörflistrasse 1, 5412, Gebenstorf
Pizza, Salate, Pasta, Pide, Kebab, Desserts, Softdrinks, Biere, Weine

Aeschi Pizza

Dorfstrasse 9, 3703, Aeschi bei Spiez
Pizza, Salate, Snacks, Pasta, Kebab, Desserts, Softdrinks, Biere, Weine

Agnes Pizza Kurier

Zypressenstrasse 94, 8004, Zürich
Pizza, Salate, Pasta, Snacks, Asiatische Spezialitäten, Desserts, Softdrinks, Bier, Wein

Al Cervo

Kirchgasse 33, 8427, Rorbas
Vorspeisen, Salate, Pizza, Hausgemachte Pasta, Pasta, Risotto, Fleisch, Dessert, Softdrinks, Bier, Weine

Al dente Pizza Kurier

Wilerstrasse 56, 9230, Flawil
Pizza, Salate, Imbiss, Pasta, Desserts, Softdrinks, Wein, Bier

Al Forno

Zufikerstrasse 4, 5620, Bremgarten
Pizza, Salate, Pasta, Spezialitäten, Desserts, Wein, Softdrinks, Bier, Spirituosen

Al Forno Pizzakurier

Aarestrasse 30a, 3600, Thun
Pizza, Salate, Pasta, Snacks, Desserts, Softdrinks, Bier, Weine

Al Lago

Annasohnstrasse 1, 8592, Uttwil
Pizza, Salate, Desserts, Wein, Bier, Softdrinks

Al Lago Pizza Kurier Trattoria

St. Gallerstrasse 33, 9400, Rorschach
Pizza, Salate, Spezialitäten, Pasta, Risotto, Desserts, Wein, Bier, Softdrinks

Al Ponte Pizzakurier

Bielstrasse 14, 2555, Brügg
Pizza, Salate, Spezialitäten, Snacks, Desserts, Wein, Bier, Softdrinks

Ala Turka Unterkulm

Böhlerstrasse 10, 5726, Unterkulm
Pizza, Pide, Salate, Spezialitäten, Pasta, Desserts, Wein, Bier, Softdrinks

Alaturka Pizza Kebab Kurier

Bahnhofstrasse 52, 8500, Frauenfeld
Pizza, Salate, Hausgemachte Pasta, Spezialitäten, Snacks, Pide, Desserts, Softdrinks, Wein, Bier, Spirituosen

Alkan Imbiss

Wilerstrasse 7, 9545, Wängi
Pizza, Salat, Pide, Spezialitäten, Desserts, Bier, Softdrinks

Allo Pizza Fribourg

Route de la Glâne 7, 1700, Fribourg
Pizzas, Salades, Boissons, Bières, Vins


Militärstrasse 38, 3014, Bern
Cordon Bleu, Low Carb Style, Salate, Pizza, Pasta, Extras, Softdrinks


Hauptstrasse 10, 9650, Nesslau
Pizza, Salate, Spezialitäten, Snacks, Softdrinks, Bier