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Tucked somewhere between Germany and France, Italy and Austria, Switzerland is the epitome of culture. The region is a lively business hub, with guests coming in from all over. It is also home to several notable headquarters, including the Red Cross and UN's second-largest office. Being divided between the Swiss Plateau and the Alps, Switzerland offers stunning scenery. The cities of Basel, Zurich and Geneva have some of the best quality of life ratings in the world. Switzerland offers a rich culinary culture that blends delicacies from all over. Besides authentic Swiss, you can order Asian food in Switzerland, as well as Italian, Austrian and Polish dishes.

Order your favourite Halal dishes in Switzerland

Halal translates to 'permissable' in Arab and refers to food that meets the dietary requirements for Muslims. Switzerland outlawed religious slaughter in 1978, so restaurants and suppliers import halal goods and ingredients from France. You will find halal-certified restaurants with recipes that you can trust. Mediterranean cuisine is popular in the region. You can order hummus, falafel and baba ganoush. You can enjoy traditional Malaysian cuisine with options like Char Kway Teow, which is chicken with stir-fried noodles and sauce. Pakistani and Indian delicacies are other halal dishes you can have delivered anywhere in Switzerland. You can order chicken tandoori in Basel, dum biryani in Bern or a large range of halal food in Zurich.

How to order halal food online

When you want to order halal food online anywhere in Switzerland, EAT.ch is happy to accommodate. The process takes five quick steps:

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EAT.ch is the ideal solution when you want a decent meal without the struggle of having to cook or go to a restaurant. Order halal food in Bern straight to your home or have it sent to your office in Bern and enjoy unmatched convenience.