Warm bowls inspired by tastes of the world are our specialty. At BEETNUT we pamper you with Switzerland's first plantbased restaurant, which focuses on enjoyment. We are the Lovers of Food! Good and balanced food is available as a take-away or to stay in the oasis in the middle of the city.BEETNUT is for vegans, flexitarians, vegetarians, pesetarians, raw food eaters, gluten allergy sufferers, lactovegans, omnivores, herbivores, etc. - just for those who love the treasures of nature as much as we do and for whom the reduction of animal products in everyday life is important


  • Vegetarian
  • Vegan
  • Salad
Pre-order - Delivery from 17:30
Free delivery Min. order CHF 25
Local Hero
Lagerstrasse 16b, Zürich, Schweiz