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Just outside town there is an unassuming Asian take-away that's one of the big hits on EAT.ch: Little Bambus in Ittigen. But curries and noodle dishes from Little Bambus can of course also be delivered to Bern! City dwellers who don't yet know this little gem should make sure they take a closer look. Bern of course also has very popular restaurants of its own to offer. Nooch in the old town is the favourite when it comes to sushi, while Quick Asian Food lives up to its name, offering the high Tibetan culinary art of momos.

Pizza is however by far the most popular choice in Bern when ordering food. Favourite pizza delivery services include Mega Pizzakurier , Pizzaiolo and Bella Vita near Bärengraben. Bella Vita is incidentally a particularly good choice for anyone who can't make up their mind between Italian and Asian cuisine. In this case, you can simply ask Bella Vita to deliver for example bami goreng as well as their speciality pizza (topped with veal).

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