Culinary works of art

Delivery food has a bad reputation for not looking the most appetizing. But at the Foodstyling Workshop in Zurich, our food bloggers and influencers Nadja Mathis, Anina Gepp, Nadja Zimmermann and Sylwina have proved that it doesn’t have to be this way!

Discover their delicious creations and learn how to make your own food absolutely instagram-worthy the next time you order.



Anina Gepp (@aniahimsa)


Delivery food can just as well be vegan and healthy

Blogger and influencer Anina Gepp lives a vegan life with passion. She’s pleased that more and more vegan restaurants can be found on "I think it's great that I can have vegan and healthy dishes delivered directly to my home. I only have to put on the finishing touches and my delicious meal is ready!"

Her tips for successful food styling are to create new colour accents with fresh herbs or edible flowers and to even be a little more daring and putting the food back into a pan or oven to get that perfect crispness and texture. Another easy trick that will impress everyone: Split the food up, arrange it nicely on two different plates, decorate - voilà!

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Stripped Pizza BeetNut



Nadja Mathis (@mylifeisdelicious)


If the food looks amazing, it will taste even better

With an eye for detail and creative food creations, Nadja Mathis enchants over 60 thousand people with her Instagram account. No wonder she has a lot of experience in the daily styling of her meals. Colour contrasts are very important to Nadja when styling food, for example with a helping of rocket and tomatoes. This creates eye-catching and exciting details.

Also important: "Arrange the food in nice dishes, but dare to try something new," the food blogger advises. For example, put the ice cream in a wine glass or arrange a small portion on a large decorative plate to set the right focus.

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Stripped Pizza BeetNut



Sylwina (@_sylwina_)


Colourful details and artsy decorations are the key to success

Sylwina inspires thousands of people with her food photography on her blog and Instagram channel and knows exactly how to present food in the right light. "Use fresh fruit or herbs. This not only complements the taste, it also makes your food wonderfully colourful," she says.

When it comes to food styling, however, in addition to refreshing her meals with new ingredients, she also pays attention to the background and the right lighting. For the perfect food look, Sylwina prefers rustic backgrounds such as wood or metal. This creates atmosphere and beautiful contrasts in the picture. The final touch is given to the dish by artfully decorating the edge of the plate - for example with balsamic vinegar or tahini.

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Stripped Pizza BeetNut



Nadja Zimmermann (@loumalou_blog)


Fresh ingredients not only improve the look, but also the taste of your dish

Nadja Zimmermann is a passionate cookbook author and blogger. Her love for good food and design are united in her food photography. On her Instagram channel she shares her tasty creations with her community. "With a fanned avocado or cherry tomatoes, a delivery food bowl immediately looks much fresher and tastier," she says.

If the food looks a bit bland, Nadja Zimmermann recommends a helping of fruits. They not only bring a great taste experience, but also make for creative splashes of colour. Important: Get creative and mix tastes that may not immediately match at first glance!

Order what our influencers ordered:

Stripped Pizza BeetNut