KFC Delivery Service

What made KFC, also known as Kentucky Fried Chicken, so famous is their delicious chicken dishes. Since its founding days in 1952, KFC has managed to become the second biggest restaurant chain in the world, serving fingerlickin’ good chicken to hungry people in 118 countries today.
But as the successful brand grew, one thing never changed: The secret seasoning that makes their crispy fried chicken so tasty - and which is still a well kept secret to this very day! Kentucky Fried Chicken excels in their many chicken specialities: From delicious fried chicken thighs, breasts and drumsticks to crispy chicken sandwiches and burgers served with crunchy french fries, you’ll find everything your heart desires.
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Bucket Menus

Comprised of different chicken specialties, sides* and sauces of your choice, this menu to share are ideal for friends or family.

Box Menus

4 different "Box menus" for a maximum taste experience. Burger and/or chicken specialties, this menu in big format allows you to choose two sides* and a big drink.


A tasty spiced chicken with two pieces of cheese, onions, crispy salad and the sauces "Pepper Mayo" and "B.O.S.S."

Filet/Zinger Burger

A tasty "filet" or a "Zinger" spiced up with crispy salad and a KFC burger sauce. Even better with cheese.
Caesar Chicken


2 crunchy "Crispys" with crispy salad, fresh tomatoes and Pepper Mayo sauce. The whole thing is wrapped in a toasted tortilla. Even better with cheese.

Double Crunch

2 crunchy "Crispys" topped with salad and a "Pepper Mayo" sauce. Even better with cheese.


A choice of a "Dealbox" of two crispy "Crispys" or three tasty "Hot Wings" with a small fry, perfect to satisfy all types of hunger

KFC Salads

A tender and delicious mixed salad with or without "Filet Bites", fresh tomatoes and a sauce of your choice


Small/large fries, coleslaw, corn, mashed potatoes & gravy