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…. How can anyone say life’s grim up north? Not a chance! Lausanne has lots going for it, and its bountiful takeaways are the rightful stars of this tasty, tasty town. So, whether you live in the Northern or are based a bit nearer the centre, you’re spoilt for choice. Feel like a healthy Japanese sushi or izakaya nibbles? Perhaps a Jamaican jerk chicken joint open late? Whatever you’re after for tonight’s tea, just browse the menus and special offers we’ve got here for you and find your perfect match.


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We know what it feels like when you can’t be mithered to leave the house. We’re here for you! Order your favourite pizza, Asian, or Indian (and more) to your door – all you need to get started is your trusty postcode. When you’ve made your choice, pay securely on our website or mobile app using Paypal, Master Card, Visa, AMEX, etc.


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Monday, Tuesday, Happy Days! Wednesday, Thursday, Happy Days! We’re maybe just a bit too excited about the menu at Le duo Thai Sushi in Mathurin Cordier. We hear they’ve got some of the best sushi in town, so check them out. Jet Pizza tells you everything you need to know right in the name, but if you want the true inside scoop, know that they’ve got some truly creative toppings for your pizza. If it’s Chinese that you’re after, we suggest you try Delta Du Mekong in Route des Flumeaux. Word on the street is that their Singapore-style chow mein is to die for. That’s just the beginning...



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