Frequently Asked Questions


I can’t see the customer's phone number:

When the orderpads beeps you need to tap on the screen to view the order and accept it. Once the order is accepted, the machine will print the receipt with customer's phone number included. You will not get the phone number until you accept the order.

My Orderpad constantly shows "disconnected" message

This could be happening when device with 3G has been also connected to unstable wifi. In such case the primary connection for the tablet will be wifi and so when the wifi drops the device will fall over to 3G. When wifi comes back up the device will attempt to switch back to it. So if the wifi drops every few minutes we'll have a loop in here of falling over to 3G and back to wifi. Please switch the wifi off on the device. If you need help with that, please contact Support Team on 043 322 07 68.

I can see the black banner with message my restaurant is offline. What do I do?

This banner will be displayed when you ignored an order or when your restaurant has been taken offline. If you want to bring your restaurant back online, simply tap Menu and Go online.

My printer doesn't print: The printer buffer could be full. Switch the device off and back on to clear the buffer and printer will be working again.

I have run out of till roll paper:

Please call Customer Care on 043 322 07 68who will be able to advise.

Orderpad Receipts

Where do I see customer comments?

Always read the full receipt. At the bottom of each receipt customers often leave comments about allergies, special delivery instructions or special dietary needs. Please ensure your staff are fully trained to look out for these comments in order for the customer to give a positive rating for your restaurant.

How do I know if an order was paid online?

If an order was paid by card the receipt will have PAID ONLINE printed clearly on it. If a customer has not paid online the receipt will say NOT PAID. How do discounts work?

Discounts offered by are only used for customers paying by card. They can only ever be used for PAID ONLINE orders which means we will always pay you the full amount for the order on your next invoice period. will cover the cost of the discount and you get the full order amount (minus your commission being deducted).