What is Top Placement


Top Placement

When customers visit our EAT.ch, they normally will click and search based for food based on their postal code. Then a SERP (Search Result Page) will appear with all the possible restaurants in their area.

Like in popular search engines, such as Google, search.ch or others search engines, we will display "Sponsored" results for restaurants that want to advertise on the first results to get seen by hungry customers first. Top Placement is about giving you the opportunity to be seen by more customers and make your restaurant stand out from the competition, leading to more orders. 

Why do we do this? Basically because the first results normally get +35% more clicks and orders, so we allow our partners an aditional stream of revenue when promoting their restaurant with Top Placement.

If you want to promote your restaurant in your postal code let us know and book Top Placement position with us!

Your restaurant must meet the Top Placement eligibility criteria of:

  •  EAT.ch rating of 4* and above

  •  At least 5 customer reviews

  •  At least 100 orders

  •  No more than 1% rejected order rate in desired postcode!