Pizzaphone Lausanne


If you love pizza (and who doesn’t love pizza?) you’re gonna love Pizzaphone. I mean, who can say no to beautiful, perfectly customisable pizza?

A leader in the pizza business, Pizzaphone has the experience and the ability to spin out pizzas of all shapes and sizes. This is also one of the very few restaurants that offer you the ability to decide on the size of your pizza! Here’s an interesting fact: the bigger your pizza, the more value you get. Pizzaphone knows this, which is why they let you, the customer, decide for yourself.


Just in case you want something to go with your pizza outside of the traditional desserts and juices, Pizzaphone also offers you salads filled with goodness to get your digestive system up and running, ready for that delicious slice of pizza. They also give you wines and beers, which makes Pizzaphone the perfect place for a night out. Just in case you’re thinking of staying in for the night, and having a couple of your friends over, we’ve got you covered. You can directly order all of Pizzaphone’s delicious pizza and salads right here. Go ahead, try it. You’ll love it!



  • Italienisch
  • Pizza
Lieferung in 40 Minuten
Kostenlose LieferungMin. Bestellwert CHF 15
Pizzaphone Lausanne rating is 4.5 stars(429)
Ch. du Couchant 46, 1007 Lausanne