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EAT.ch presents Peppaward 2018: These are the Winners

15. November 2018

On 13 November 2018 it was finally time: This year’s winners of the Peppaward, a prize for the best delivery restaurants in Switzerland, received their well-deserved awards at a spectacular Gala night!

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Vegan cuisine in Zurich: These are the best vegan restaurants
07. November 2018
These restaurants prove every day that eating vegan isn't just about bare salad leaves and kale. These vegan restaurants breathe fresh air into Zurich's gastro scene.

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What to eat on Día de los Muertos: The best Mexican dishes
31. Oktober 2018
You want to celebrate the Mexican Day of the Dead but don’t know what to eat? We got you.

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Halloween: A culinary Guide by EAT.ch

26. October 2018
What is the best way to celebrate Halloween? With a lot of delicious food of course! Because let’s be honest, what’s spookier than being stuck doing the dishes on Halloween?!

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The EAT.ch Leftover Cookbook: Recipes for Chinese Food

You ordered too many Chinese dishes from the restaurant? With these recipes you will never have Food Waste again!


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3 delicious meals to spice up your autumn

We can no longer deny it: Autumn is here to stay, and apart from beautifully coloured leaves it also brings along rainy, cold days! But also some really good food…


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What is your Soul Food? Find out with the EAT.ch Quiz!

Have you ever wondered which food best suits your innermost being? Find out with our quiz!


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EAT.ch presents: What is the Peppaward?

For the very first time ever, the Peppaward will be given to Switzerland's best delivery restaurant. But what's behind it?


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Our Bestseller: The history of the pizza

How did the world's most beloved delivery food come to be? Let us tell you the story of pizza...


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NEW: Anticipation – Perfume by EAT.ch

We proudly present our newest product! Anticipation - Fill the room with your favourite aroma!


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