These are the best Burger Restaurants in St. Gallen

15. March 2019

Yummy Burgers are among the most popular delivery dishes at - and not without reason! A juicy patty, crunchy salad leaves, fresh tomato slices, some pickles and all of that deliciousness between two crispy buns...

Mmmh, our stomach is already growling! That's why we have put together the best delivery restaurants for burgers in St. Gallen for you:

Top 5 Burger Restaurants in St. Gallen

Burger Brothers St. Gallen

The name says it all: At the Burger Brothers St. Gallen everything revolves around delicious Burgers! Put together your own favourite burger or choose from the varied menu, your hunger for burgers will certainly be satisfied here.

New York Burger

You're reaaally craving some burger goodness right now?! Then treat yourself to a double burger from New York Burger St. Gallen for a double order of taste! Of course you can also simply enjoy a normal burger, they’re just as tasty. ;)


With 11 different burgers to choose from, at the Beefclub Restaurant in St. Gallen you're sure to find the right one for your taste! Every burger is also available in a Vegetarian version, so Vegetarians won't miss out on these delicious burgers.

If that’s not enough to satisfy you, there are many side dishes to your heart’s desire, from salad to chicken wings and even nachos.

Chickeria St. Gallen

Want some chicken in your burger? Then off to the Chickeria! Here, everything revolves around crispy chicken between two delicious buns. Yum! And then there are the freshly made country cuts - what more could you ask for?

BBQ Burger

Last, but not least: Find the burger of your dreams at BBQ Burger, there’s tons of choice ranging from the classic cheeseburger to a gourmet experience with brie and cranberries on top! Keeping an eye on your waistline? No problem, the "Lean Green Burger" is your perfect match!


Got hungry for some delish burgers while reading? No problem, because you can easily order online at all these restaurants with!

Satisfy your burger cravings now

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