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Chicken Wings - the perfect finger food

Chicken wings are a popular dish in the US. The fried wings are served with a wide range of tasty sauces and dips, and are the perfect finger food for parties – or for a cosy evening in front of the TV. 

Chicken wings are halved and deep-fried or baked in the oven. The famous taste comes from being generously coated with sauce.

Traditional chicken wing sauce is sweet and sour and slightly spicy, but the finger food is now enjoyed across the world with a wide range of different accompaniments, for example, satay sauce, miso and barbecue sauce.

Today, many restaurants offer fried chicken wings as a starter or main course, or as a snack. Chicken wings are a key staple on the menus of American restaurants such as Kentucky Fried Chicken, but barbecued chicken wings are also part of Swiss cuisine.