Top 4 Curry Restaurants in Regensdorf

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When I say Curry, you might immediately start thinking of spicy Indian food. Believe me when I say that Indian isn’t the only option you have with Curry. Pretty much every Asian country and even some European countries feature their own curries that come in all sorts of flavours. Curries are generally eaten as a side dish to a bigger meal, or you could usually dip your bigger meal into the Curry to get some added flavour. While there are some food such as Indian parathas that are impossible to eat without Curry, some others use it as a flavour enhancer. Whatever your reasons are for getting Curry, we’ve got you covered. We have tons of restaurants that offer a huge variety of cuisines so you’re spoilt for choice when you order with Switzerland’s largest customer restaurant platform. You can also choose to pay online with a payment method of your preferred choice, so there really is no hassle. Order away!