What to eat on Día de los Muertos: The best Mexican dishes

31. October 2018

On Día de los Muertos - one of the most important holidays in Mexico - people remember their deceased loved ones and ancestors. The festivities last three whole days, from the 31st October to the 2nd November of each respective year. The holiday started gaining more and more attention outside of Mexico in the last few years - not least thanks to films such as "Coco" by Pixar or the newest James Bond part "Spectre".

This Mexican holiday is very deeply rooted in culture and is still majorly important to the people today. The custom is celebrated with a variety of colourful decorations and delicious foods - for example the so-called "Calaveras" you find all over the streets and in shops. The “Calaveras” are skeletons made either of plastic or, more often, sugar!

Not a day to mourn

Although Día de los Muertos is all about the dead, it is not a day of mourning for the Mexican people! Instead, they celebrate it with a huge party to honour and remember their deceased, who on said day are said to return from the afterlife for a visit. This happens with lively music, folk dances, beautiful decorations and, above all, lots of good food!

A real feast for the Dead

Specialities like the "Calaveras de azúcar", sugar skulls, or the "Pan de Muerto" are popular sweets on this holiday.

But not only desserts are distributed: All kinds of delicious Mexican specialities are served on large altars and tables. Traditional Mexican dishes such as tamales, mole sauce, horchata and empanadas can be found on most dining tables during this time.

You want to join in the celebrations of the Day of the Dead this year and wonder how you can do that with the right food? No problem. For your Día de los Muertos feast, this should be on your plate:

The best Mexican dishes for Día de los Muertos

1. Burritos

A culinary dream rolled up in soft tortillas... Rice, beans, minced meat, tomatoes, avocado and cheese make the burrito a real treat from the Mexican cuisine.

2. Tortas

The name suggests it’s a dessert… But it’s actually a very tasty Mexican sandwich! Crispy baguette topped with all the goodies we know from Mexican cuisine: Beans, avocado, salsa... And all the ingredients you desire!

3. Quesadillas

It's cheese, in a tortilla, baked or fried. Do we have to say any more? <3

4. Tacos & Taquitos

The very best of Mexican finger food: Tacos are filled as desired and then enjoyed by hand. It’s as simple and tasty as that!

5. Fajitas

Fajitas may traditionally come from the Tex-Mex cuisine, but there’s rarely a Mexican restaurant today where you can’t find them! Delicious grilled and seasoned meat in warm tortillas, served with salsa, pico de gallo, guacamole and sour cream. Mmmmh!


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