Only can save your day in these
5 everyday situations

15. February 2019

You've got an interview and it's raining cats and dogs. Umbrella: All the way back home! Your brand new mobile phone fell into the toilet bowl this morning. The presentation you should prepare for next Wednesday? It's today and everyone is looking at you expectantly! Does any of this sound familiar to you? Then read on!

Your Day = Disaster

We all know ‘em, these days when everything and anything is set against us and nothing works out as it should. Whether you simply got up on the wrong foot or fate itself has targeted you on this day, only the gods know.

But one thing is for sure: You don’t want to face the world today. We completely understand. But don't fret! In these five everyday situations, can quickly save your day:

5 Situations where saves your Day

1. Your parents-in-law are coming over and the dinner just completely burned in the oven

2. The only microwave in the office exploded because the new intern wanted to warm up his food with the aluminium foil on top

3. Your crush spontaneously decides to come over for some Netflix & Chill and the only thing in your fridge is mouldy Camembert from the year 2015

4. The neighbor baby's been crying for four hours, so you might as well have a snack at 3am - but there's nothing good in your house

5. Your new hair color looks more like "Goblin Orange" than "Sunrise Red" and you can't possibly leave your apartment for the next 3 weeks


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