This delicious dish is equally well suited for lovers of grilled specialties and for Japan fans. This is to grilled Blacktigercrevetten, strung on wooden skewers before grilling. These fried vegetables, rice and a sweet Japanese barbecue sauce is served. Blacktigercrevetten belong to the counterparties located in the Indian Ocean shrimp species. You can obtain a size of 15 to 35 centimeters and are also known as "Schiffskielgarnele" or "Bärengarnele" known. As a young animal a Blacktigercrevette lives in the estuary of a river into the sea, because the nutrient-rich brackish water (the confluence of fresh and salt water) it can thrive and so regain their impressive size and distinctive taste. Later, it draws them out into the open sea, where they also usually goes shopping to her fishing vessels into the net.