Halloween: A culinary Guide by EAT.ch

26. October 2018

What is the best way to celebrate Halloween? With a lot of delicious food of course! What makes it even better is when you can actually order the food! Because let’s be honest, what’s spookier than being stuck doing the dishes on Halloween?!

Every year on the very last day of October, the whole world celebrates Halloween. Nowadays, this American-style holiday is all about delicious food, drinks, sweets and costumes that range from funny to fear-inducing. But did you know that Halloween originates from the Catholic holiday "All Hallow's Eve"? And even before the Catholics, the Celts celebrated Samhain on 31 October, welcoming the beginning of a new year!

Halloween today

Nowadays Halloween has turned into a cross-cultural festival enjoyed world-wide. Young and old alike dress up as spooky characters, carve jack-o-lanters out of pumpkins and hang up spooky Halloween decorations around the house. In addition, tasty autumn recipes are cooked all day long and delicious food and sweets are distributed and enjoyed.

Whether you're planning a huge Halloween party or just relaxing at home with a horror movie marathon, the right food will make your Halloween perfect. But… looking for Halloween recipes for hours, cooking and baking are not exactly your thing? Don't you worry. We’re here for you.

These are the tastiest delivery dishes for your Halloween party:

The Top 5 EAT.ch Delivery Dishes for Halloween

  1. Indian Tikka Masala: Because it sure burns like hell

  2. Pizza Hawaii: For many, it’s the biggest nightmare they can imagine!

  3. Pasta al olio: The garlic will keep the vampires at bay all night long

  4. Chicken Wings with BBQ sauce: Gives you that effortless zombie look if you eat without wiping your mouth

  5. Sushi: These coveted rolls always seem to disappear as if by magic (in your mouth probably)


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