The best hangover breakfasts for January 1st

31. December 2018

2019 is just around the corner - are you ready for the big welcome party?! In any case, we have already planned a lot... especially our hangover breakfast.

We all know it: After the New Year's Eve party you wake up on January 1st and your bed has never been so comfortable. Maybe your head is still spinning a little, maybe your legs are still aching from all the dancing the night before... In any case, right now you can't imagine anything more awful than getting up NOW to go outside! But then, your stomach growls...

Don't worry. We know what that feels like. And we have the perfect solution, because with the food comes directly to your front door. And not only that... We have put together this practical guide for your ideal hangover breakfast.

1. Pizza

Would you still take us seriously if good old pizza wasn't in the first place? This delicious Italian speciality has proven itself as an after-party and anti hangover cure for generations of party-goers.

Treat yourself to a classic Pizza Margherita or give your body a little extra goodness with the toppings of your choice! Our tip: A fried egg automatically makes a pizza official brunch material!

2. Döner Kebab

Another classic on our list: The doner kebab! Thus delicious Turkish delicacy offers everything your poor, hungover body needs.

The meat offers substance and satisfies your desire for salt, lettuce, onions, cabbage and tomatoes give the whole thing a little bit of vitamins and water and the flat bread keeps everything together and fills you up nice and well.

Of course, always a tasty second option: The Döner Box brings you an extra dose of salt with a portion of fries!

3. Fried Rice

Fresh vegetables, eggs, rice and soy sauce - that's all you need to save your day. You can also upgrade your Fried Rice with chicken or tofu.

With us you will find a huge selection of Asian restaurants like Nooch or Peking Garden. Order, fill up your belly and then continue to cure out your hangover peacefully... Life can be that easy!

4. A Healthy Bowl

Okay, okay, you have a bad conscience about treating your body this badly right at the start of the year? You want to bribe it for forgiveness with a really healthy and tasty meal? Then it's time for a brilliant bowl full of superfoods!

Proteins, grains, beans, vegetables, salad, fruits... Everything you could want in your wildest dreams you can get in your bowl. After that you will guaranteed feel at least 20% less zombie-like. ;)

5. Burgers or Chicken Nuggets with French Fries

Whether you are Team Burger or Team Chicken Nuggets... One of these combinations will surely save your day from a bad hangover! From Burger King to Beef Club you will find a large selection of burger and fast food restaurants on

Crispy fried nuggets and salty fries soothe your belly, and you'll even have some extra vitamins with you when you leave salad, cucumber and tomatoes in your burger.


No matter how you feel on January 1st, these menus are sure to get you off to a good start in 2019! Remember, we also deliver during the holidays, so do yourself a favour and order your New Year's Eve menu or hangover breakfast:

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