I would like to cancel my order. How can I do it?

Oh dear, you suddenly found out that you had food in the fridge! Well, can’t let that go to waste, can you? Depending on when you made your order, you may or may not be able to cancel it. To cancel a food order, please call us at 0848 74 99 21 as soon as possible so that our customer service ninjas can get the information to the restaurant you ordered your food from. If the restaurant has not yet prepared your dishes, cancelling the order is quick and painless. However, if you order is already made, or happens to be on its way to you, you may still be able to cancel your order. Just call us on 0848 74 99 21.  

Here at eat.ch, we aim to provide you with the best customer service and we understand that your needs may change suddenly, which is why we try our best to adapt to these changing needs. We allow quick cancellations when you order online, along with other facilities to make sure that you have nothing to worry about when you order your food. If you have any suggestions about the ways we can improve our service, please drop us an email at info@eat.ch.   

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