I would like to change my order or add dishes. How can I do it?

If you haven’t already placed your order, changing the dishes you have added is quite uncomplicated. If you want to remove a dish, simply open up your basket and hit the remove button next to the food item. However, if your order is already placed, then please contact us at 0848 74 99 21 immediately. If your food hasn't left the restaurant, we can get the fine folks at our restaurants to change up the dish to match your needs. If due to the speed of our restaurants, your order is already on its way to you, we still might be able to change it up, even if the delivery is near you.

Generally, one of our strongest points is the amount of flexibility we can give. So if you want to eat a whole pizza by yourself, then decide after placing the order that no, you need two pizza’s for yourself, all you have to do is call us up and we’ll let the restaurant know that your requirements have slightly changed. Whatever your issue is, feel free to let us know. We won’t bite. Promise.

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