What your Mom really wants for Mother’s Day

10. May 2019

May 12th is Mother's Day. Perfectly fine - if you didn’t have to think of a new gift every year. Flowers? A classic, always works, but a little boring. Chocolates? Not for the health conscious. But, who would have thought: We not only deliver you tasty food, but also some good gift idea for Mother’s Day.

But before we tell you the ultimate gift to melt your moms heart, we wanted to investigate what mothers really want on Mother's Day... Voilà, here they are, the Top 4.

  1. A day without parental duties
    So simple, but effective: Mom would prefer not to be Mom for just one day. It's nothing personal. It's just damn hard to be there for everybody all the time. We understand!

  2. Sleep
    She doesn’t really mind getting up in the morning and preparing breakfast first that much. But from time to tim, she too wishes she could just sleep in. Surprise her with a great brunch that YOU get up to cook for her earlier.

  3. A clean house
    That was kinda obvious. How to help out? Organize some cleaning help before Mother's Day or even better, get to swinging the broom yourself or arm yourself with a sponge and some soap to fight against dirty dishes!

  4. Time for herself
    Taking a relaxing bath, a sip of champagne, strawberries with chocolate and a delicious meal waiting for her when she’s done: Sounds as if your mom would like it? We thought so.

The best gift idea for Mother's Day

So what does Mom really, really want? That you are healthy, successful, satisfied and happy with your life. Because then she can pat herself on the back knowing that she did a swell job.
How do you make her know she did an amazing job in raising you? By telling her. How can you top that? By melting her heart while you’re at it.

  • Finally fulfill a long-standing wish, which she has been dropping hints about for months or even years. Be it a video chat tutorial , fixing the dripping tap once and for all or cooking Grandma's lasagna together with her to continue the tradition.

Almost certainly your mom has a heart's desire, too. Listen to her and get going, friends. And no matter what happens, whether you torch the oven or don't trust your cooking skills enough, you still have us. Take care of your mom, not the cooking.

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