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The brand new rating system of EAT.ch - for an even better feedback!

First things first: Extraordinary thanks to all our EATers for the vast amount of ratings and reviews we received, that helps us to make our job each day a lil better! That’s why we rolled up our sleeves and made some efforts to get an even better understanding where we have potential to improve and as a result we splitted the rating system into 3 three all new criteria which can be rated.
  1. Quality - How was the of the food? Warm enough, delicious, looked perfectly yummy?
  2. Delivery time - Everything on time as promised?
  3. Driver friendliness - Smiling face? a nice “hello!”? and a nice “Enjoy your food”?
Furthermore we made some changes for the review comments section. As we all know, the internet is home to some sketchy individuals, who think it's the wild west of communication - no law at all, especially when it comes to modesty, respect and dignity. This is not the case! That’s why we decided that from now on, we will not allow anonymous review comments anymore and we hope that we can fight the “haters gonna hate” phenomenon at least to some point. But still, of course we look forward to receive any honest feedback, whether it's criticism about something inconvenient with our service (sorry!) or to hear that you are just happy with and have some cool tips what else we could do, to make your take away experience even more exciting.
We wish you all “Bon appétit!” and happy EATing!