When the pizza courier rings twice ...

... then you can adjust to wonderful enjoyment. After a busy day at the job, a sweaty game on the football pitch, or even a merry gathering with old friends, a delicious, steaming pizza is just the thing for hungry stomachs. Crunchy ground, fruity tomato sauce and topping topped with golden yellow cheese make the hearts of small and big pizza fans beat faster. Classics such as Pizza Margherita, Pizza Funghi or Pizza Prosciutto are on the top of the popularity scale. But also new imaginative pizza creations with cooked pork or veal as well as with prawns or porcini mushrooms are gladly accepted by the customers. Ordering pizza at the pizza courier has become even easier thanks to the usability of the Internet. In order to be able to order a pizza online, you simply search on EAT.ch for postal code entry after a delivery service on site and its food offer. Afterwards, you can set up your desired menu with a few clicks, enter your name and the delivery address in the corresponding order form and can look forward to the pinging of the order from the pizza supplier. If you have a certain messenger name in your head, for example through a newspaper report, or if a colleague of yours is recommended by colleagues, it is easy to determine from the ratings on Eat.ch whether other customers were also satisfied with this delivery service.


Order the best pizza from everywhere

At almost every location in Switzerland you will find at least one delivery service that delivers pizza, Peking duck or doner home. So you can be sure to get your favorite food on the table quickly and, above all, hot. The supply is comparatively more extensive in the larger cities than in the more rural area. In Bern, for example, at the Pizzaria L'Acarta, the pizza courier La Stella and the pizza courier Pizzaiolo, you will not only get your pizza fresh, but also prepared quickly and deliciously, which is reflected in the top three places on the EAT.ch rating list , This consists of the ratings of all customers who have placed a pizza order with a courier via EAT.ch. In Zurich, Untermoos Pizza, the Yoyo Pizza Courier and the Asian delivery service A1 Albis Asian rank at the top of the list. As a customer, however, it is best to get an idea of ​​yourself and then add the rating to EAT.ch with your own assessment. Finally, the rating criteria for each pizza friend are different. The one goes after the friendliness and speed of the courier employees, the next only rated the food as such and the third must first be convinced of the overall package to give a good rating. There is only one point that everyone agrees with: ordering your pizza online not only has the advantage of displaying the dishes on the screen in black and white, but also of being able to submit your order to the appropriate place without any misunderstandings ,


Switzerland has many good pizza couriers - the best can be found on EAT.ch

Whether in Basel, in Winterthur, Lucerne or St. Gallen - in Switzerland there is everywhere the opportunity to bring delicious food home by courier service. For busy employees, who do not have time to cook or visit restaurants, it is THE time-saving alternative par excellence. Most Pizza Courts have pizza, pasta, casseroles, meat and fish dishes. So if you're looking for a schnitzel or chicken nuggets, you'll find what you're looking for. If you live in Basel and you rather like exotic, then the Asian courier Thai to Go is highly recommended, which is on the rating list of EAT.ch in addition to the pizza couriers Mama Enza and Maxi Pizza in the top of the list. In Lucerne, friends of the spicy-hot Mexican cuisine will get their money's worth, if they tell the culinary desires of the cooks of the courier service Buenos Burrito. Together with the classic pizza curators, Kulinar Pizza and City Pizza, it ranks at the top of the urban popularity scale. The top ranking places of EAT.ch in St. Gallen are completely occupied. Whether Thai from the delivery point, Chinese from the Bamboo Asian food courier or Indian rather from the restaurant Ricken - delicious food for a good price you get in any case on the table. In Winterthur, customers are clearly in agreement, at least with regard to the local cuisine. The top three rating slots are clearly Italian with Mira Mare Pizza Pasta, Wintiblitz Pizza Pasta and More and Corsario Pizza Courier.


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