TECH NEWS: This new feature will change your life

01. April 2019

Picture this: You order a tasty burger with crispy French fries and you’re really looking forward to i! You ask your partner if they also want something... and they confidently say "No".

So then, finally, your desired burger is delivered and... then it happens. They ask: "Can I have just one fry?” Your world collapses, because you know: These fries are a goner.

We all know at least one person like that. It can be your mom, your brother, your best friend or your fiancée! They hide behind the "I'm not hungry" façade, only to then shamelessly eat your delicious food away as soon as it arrives!

But we will put an end to this. With our new feature, you are well prepared for each of these cases. We proudly present:

The "Partner is not hungry" button

A click on this button at checkout will automatically get you an extra portion of the desired side dish. We’re making sure no one will ever eat YOUR fries ever again.


Change your life, try the button now:

Order now

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