3 delicious meals to spice up your autumn

12. October 2018

When the days get shorter again, sometimes our mood can suffer from the sudden lack of sunlight. But we can no longer deny it: Autumn is here to stay, and apart from beautifully colored leaves it also brings along rainy, cold days!

But while the skies are slowly turning grey, there are still ways to keep some colour and warmth in your everyday life. Just look at it like this: The temperature has finally gone down enough so you’re able to think of other food than watermelon and ice cream again.

Time to devote yourself to the spicy side of life again: You'll find plenty of it in Indian, Asian and Central European cuisine, for example! We have put together the three best dishes to help you through your autumn blues:

Curry Vindaloo

If you are looking for a lot of tasty spice in your meals, Indian cuisine is the right choice for you. Vindaloo curry is particularly popular with lovers of this cuisine.

Fun Fact: This dish originates from the Indian state Goa, a former Portuguese colony, and was inspired by the Portuguese way of preparing pork! "Carne de vinha d'alhos", the marinating of meat in wine and garlic, was adapted over the years by the Indian cuisine and turned into "Vindalho" or, as we know it today, Vindaloo.

Today, curry Vindaloo is served with a variety of different meats or even in vegetarian form. However, the preparation remains the same: The ingredients are marinated with spicy Vindaloo paste and then cooked. It is often served with naan, rice or sometimes even potatoes.

One thing is for sure: Curry Vindaloo will get your autumn back on track in no time!

Szechuan Beef

This dish is a must for lovers of very hot dishes. "Szechuan style" in the Chinese cuisine usually means one thing: That the dish is very spicy! It is named after the Sichuan region in China, where the appropriately named Szechuan pepper comes from.

The beef is cooked in a broth with vegetables, chilli peppers and Szechuan pepper until it becomes so tender it almost melts on the tongue. Many Chinese restaurants offer a variety of this dish with or without meat, so there is something for every taste!

So if you're cold all day and your teeth are already clattering, this dish is just the thing to rekindle your inner fire!

Tom Yum Soup

It’s a natural law: Autumn time is also soup time! If you’ve had enough of the many classic pumpkin soup variations out there, then the Thai Tom Yam soup will bring some welcome variety to your taste buds.

You can usually order this soup with chicken (Tom Yam Gai), prawns (Tom Yam Gung) or veggies. Vegans should be careful, because most of the times, fish sauce is used for cooking!

What makes this soup perfect for autumn weather are the ingredients: A hot broth with lots of good vegetables, mushrooms, lemongrass and Kaffir lime leaves is not only healthy, but also immensely tasty. The sour-hot spice gives the soup the extra kick that brings the warmth back to your belly and the smile back on your lips!


These are our three favourite dishes to spice up your autumn! Got hungry while reading, but no time or motivation to cook?

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