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To order pizza there are many occasions

For many workers, the evening call to a pizza courier is a wonderful change from the otherwise possibly rather simple meal after work. Especially when you are single or you or your partner working in shifts, ordering pizza is not only delicious, but also extremely practical. But on other occasions as well, it pays to place an order in terms of pizza. For example, if you organize a movie night or a celebration with friends. So everyone can choose the pizza variety that suits them best and the host does not have to stand in the kitchen all evening in front of the stove.


At EAT.CH, pizza wishes come true

The pizza ordering itself is a comparatively simple matter. This is best done online together and surfing for courier service search by postcode on Because here you will not only find all pizza delivery services in his city at a glance, but can also select the best pizza courier based on customer reviews. With the selection form you can order your pizza wishes with just a few clicks. Zurich is now represented by over 40 couriers at There is guaranteed for everyone the right thing. But all other cities and cantons also have plenty of courier services on This makes ordering pizza child's play.


Order pizza in Switzerland? Zurich? Basel? Lucerne? No problem on EAT.CH

For which pizza and which courier one ultimately decides to leave to their own preferences. Some are rather classically inclined in this regard and know when ordering pizza immediately, which steaming delicacy shortly before them should be on the table. The others like to try new things and try to get special Pizza creations of the respective courier service. Depending on the canton and city, there are a variety of differently oriented courier services and also a wide range of pizza options. In the city, almost every neighborhood has its own pizza couriers on site, in the country it can take a little while until the nearest delivery service arrives with the pizza order. However, ordering pizza is equally fast on all couriers when the order is placed over the Internet. That's why the best tip in terms of ordering online pizza is clearly!


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