The Poké-Bowl Guide feat. kaisin.

21. Märch 2019

Poké Bowls are THE trend of the year 2018 and also in 2019 the demand for the healthy Hawaiian dishes is here to stay.

But what makes a Poké Bowl special and where do you get the best? We asked kaisin., who won the Peppaward 2018 in the category "Judges Favorite" with their innovative concept and tasty bowls!

Read the interview now:

The name "Poké Bowl" is well known. But what is a Poké Bowl really? What makes a Poké Bowl?

The main ingredients of the classic Poké Bowl are sushi rice, raw fish and soy sauce. At kaisin. we don't follow specific recipes, but focus on ensuring that the products are fresh every day, high-quality, nutritious and simply go well together.

Why has the Poké Bowl become so popular - what makes it so delicious?

This is a global trend that came to Switzerland with a slight delay. The Poké meets the Zeitgeist and fulfills the high standards people nowadays set for their food. The Poké Bowl can be put together very individually, is healthy and fresh. At the same time, it is uncomplicated and has a large selection to suit everyone.

Are they only available with fish or can vegetarians and vegans also enjoy a bowl?

We have many vegetarian and vegan customers. The classic Poké Bowl is with raw fish, imagine it like a Sushi salad. But since the wishes of the customers are very individual, we have individualized the ordering process to a maximum, so that everyone can put together a bowl according to their own wishes, vegetarian or vegan options included of course.

What does the future hold for this food trend? How adaptable is the Poké Bowl?

Our Poké Bowl ingredients vary according to the season, as we are keen to rely as much as possible on local suppliers. In the winter, for example, we offered Marroni as a finish, which was well received by our customers. We try to be a little more special than the mainstream without neglecting our broad customer base.

The "Bowl" concept has taken on a life of its own in recent years. What makes the Poké Bowl the winner alongside the smoothie bowls, Buddha bowls or even burrito bowls?

There are several factors involved and it would be wrong to play one against the other. What certainly speaks for the Poké Bowl is the simplicity and popularity of the various ingredients. Combined with a good sauce, each bowl tastes unique.

You have won the Peppaward 2018 in the category "Judges Favorite"! Who is behind kaisin.? What inspired you to launch this idea?

Behind kaisin. is a young team of four people from Zurich who took up the courage two years ago to try something new in gastronomy. Contrary to the recommendations of our environment and friends, who all advised us against it. All the founders have different backgrounds, but only one has actually learnt the craft of gastronomy. We believe that it is precisely this diverse composition of the team that has enabled us to find good and innovative solutions. For the first time we met Poké during our holidays in Asia and were immediately in love. Back from the holidays, we started working on the concept right away.

What does the future of kaisin. look like? Can we soon eat your Poké Bowls all over Switzerland?

We are planning step by step. We just opened our new location in Seefeld on March 18th, where we will be part of the existing Café MAME at Seefeldstrasse 19. In addition to the Poké Bowls, we will also be offering breakfast options like Acai Bowls, Bagels and Overnight Oats there.


Reading made you hungry for a delicious Poké Bowl? No problem, order directly online at kaisin. or at one of our many restaurants:

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