What is your Soul Food? Find out with the EAT.ch Quiz!

4. October 2018

Do you ever ask yourself what really distinguishes us from the other people in our lives? We do, anyways. And then it becomes clear to us... It’s our appetite! Food makes us happy, that is a given. But not every culinary masterpiece gives you the same amount of happiness, does it? Most people know their preferences - or at least they think they know.

You are not quite sure or just want to know which food really suits your soul? Then we have something for you:

The EAT.ch Soul Food-Quiz

Take the EAT.ch quiz and we’ll tell you which dish really suits your innermost being and makes you and your tummy the happiest! But wait - you haven’t heard the best thing yet: Among all participants we’ll have a little giveaway! You enter to win a voucher for CHF 100 for your next order with EAT.ch.

So what are you still waiting for? Take the quiz and find your very own soul food:

Take me to the quiz!

Don’t forget to share your results with us and your friends on Facebook or Instagram!


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