These are the best delivery dishes
for St. Patrick's Day

08. March 2019

Every year on the 17th of March, St. Patrick's Day is celebrated worldwide. People dress in green clothes and the (unofficial) Irish national symbol, the Shamrock, is present everywhere!

Besides parades, costumes and a lot of beer, food of course is an important aspect during this holiday! We have collected the best dishes for you:

The best food for the St. Patrick's Day Party

For St. Patrick's Day there should be a hearty meal as well as various drinks. Delicious Pub Food is the best choice! For example:

  • a juicy burger with fries
  • Nachos with lots of cheddar cheese and salsa
  • Freshly fried fish & chips
  • an Original Philly Steak Sandwich
  • a classic English Shepherd's Pie

The best food for your St. Patrick's Day hangover

Even the best St. Patrick's Day party comes to an end at some point and you may wake up the next morning with a small (or big) hangover! With these tasty food deliveries you'll quickly get your strength back again without even having to go outside:

  • the Pizza of your choice, perfect for sharing with your remaining party guests
  • salty chicken nuggets to calm your stomach
  • a hot dog combines a delicious sausage with satiating bread
  • a burrito - almost like a kebab, but with more vegetables!
  • or simply a Thai Curry to sweat out last nights’ sins ;)

No matter if you are planning a party or just want to prepare yourself for the upcoming hangover, nothing can go wrong with these dishes. The best part? We take care of all the cooking for you so you don’t have to!

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