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You want pizza, but with a twist? Then Stripped Pizza is the place for you. The restaurant’s self-descriped goal is to completely redesign the pizza into a new delicious dish. All natural ingredients, a lot of creativity and a pinch of love make these pizzas a real culinary experience for your tastebuds.

It already starts with the dough: Choose between crispy multi-grain or whole-grain and linseed dough. You won't miss out on the toppings either: Seasonal and nutritious ingredients and lots of fresh vegetables to choose from. Vegan options? No problem, you’ll find lots!

You really want to try Stripped Pizza now? No problem, we understand! Easily order online via EAT.ch and we will deliver Stripped Pizza directly to your doorstep.

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    Stripped Pizza Talacker

    Italienisch Vegetarisch Vegan Pizza Salat

    Talacker 41, 8001 Zürich, Schweiz