Let's Taco bout Tacos: 7 Fun Facts about Tacos

01. March 2019

Who doesn't love them, these delicious, filled tortillas called tacos?! Well, WE sure can't get enough of them. But do you really know everything there is to know about tacos?

Test your knowledge and impress your friends and acquaintances at your next dinner party with these exciting and funny facts:

7 Fun Facts about Tacos

1. Taco means "light lunch"

2. Tacos have been around for over 2000 years! Our ancestors used tortillas as a kind of edible spoon. Not a bad idea, right?!

3. This dish has only been called "Taco" since approx. the 19th century.

4. In Mexico there is a specific time to eat tacos: Tacos filled with fish or seafood are only eaten for lunch. The so-called "Tacos Antojitos" on the other hand are only for dinner! #TheMoreYouKnow

5. In America, tacos are so popular that Americans have actually introduced a national taco day! This special celebration day takes place every year on 4 October.

6. Tacos even have its own song dedicated to it! It is called "La Taquiza" and was written by Mexican singer and composer Chava Flores.

7. A lady named Maris Bustamante owns the patent on tacos since 1979.


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