3 Easy Must-haves for a perfect TV marathon

10. January 2019

It's dark and cold outside. Winter is not yet making any plans to leave. So why not just go for a TV marathon this evening, cozy and warm on your sofa! And with these three simple steps, your snuggly evening in front of the TV will be perfect...

1. The Ideal Environment

Okay, so your couch is ready - but where are the pillows and blankets? To make sure that your TV marathon is as cosy as possible, some cuddly blanket and soft cushions to lean on are a must!

And since you're at home, you don't have to impress anyone with your outfit - right? So put on your sweatpants and cuddly socks and you're ready to go!

2. The Right Entertainment

For a real TV marathon, of course, you need the right films or the right series. It's best to look for a film series like The Lord of the Rings, the Batman adaptations or, for romantics, the many movies inspired by Nicholas Sparks’ books!

Your second option is to find a series that has already produced and aired around 3 to 4 seasons. So your TV marathon won't be unpleasantly interrupted because the next episode isn’t out yet!

3. The Perfect Food

The most important element of course? Snacks! In addition to the classics popcorn and chips, pizza is also very popular for cosy TV evenings. Because even though we all know popcorn is addictive, you don't feel that full from it in the end... So why not use the opportunity for a delicious dinner in front of the TV?

You’re in the mood for finger food? Then you should treat yourself to some delicious sushi to get the evening off to a great start. You feel like something more exotic? Then you’ll surely find something spicy from the Indian or Thai cuisine!


So, you've made yourself comfortable, decided on the right film or series and your menu is planned? Then nothing stands in the way of your perfect TV marathon.

But, oh no! You only have popcorn and chips left in your house but your stomach wants more? No problem, that's what we are here for! No matter what you feel like, just order online now and enjoy your food on your sofa:

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