Christmas Foods: Festive Dinners from around the World

17. December 2018

Christmas is celebrated all around the world. But the one thing that changes from country to country is the menu for the big feast! We have collected the funniest and most interesting Christmas foods from around the world:

1. KFC Bucket - Japan

As funny as it may sound: In Japan, Kentucky Fried Chicken is almost synonymous with Christmas! Thanks to a strong marketing campaign, the American fast food chain has won over the Japanese people’s hearts - and a Bucket of Fried Chicken from KFC has become a must-have menu for Christmas!

2. Gourmetten - Netherlands

What the "Fondue Chinoise" is for Switzerland, the “Gourmetten” is for the Netherlands. A table grill stood in the middle of the table and various pieces of meat and skewers as well as vegetables are fried on it. The delicious pieces are then served with side dishes and sauces.

3. Tamales - Guatemala

Guatemala traditionally eats tamales at Christmas - corn dough wraps stuffed with meat, cheese or vegetables, wrapped in plant leaves and steamed. Tamales are a very old and traditional dish, it’s known to have already been prepared by the Mayas and Aztecs in their time!

4. Lanttulaatikko - Finland

A popular Christmas dish in Finland is the turnip casserole "Lanttulaatikko". As the name suggests, the casserole is made from cooked turnips, bread, eggs and spices such as nutmeg and cinnamon. The casserole is usually served with meat or fish.

5. Christmas Pudding - England and Irelande

Although the name pudding sets up expectations of being something sweet, Christmas pudding from England is not exactly a classic dessert. The pudding consists of flour and suet, as well as nuts and dried fruits, which are first laid in alcohol. Before eating, the pudding is usually heated, then covered with brandy and flambéed.


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