What is the best app to order food online?

What would you call the best food order app? An app that is very user friendly? Allows you to do the full order right from your phone? Well, there is a ton of online ordering apps that have all those features. Don’t get me wrong, I know there are some apps that look like the developers forgot that humans were going to be using those apps. But apart from those few, delivery joints have managed to come up with pretty decent apps.

So what would make us stand apart from the rest? How would EAT.ch’s food delivery app be better than the rest? 

Because in addition to the user friendly interface, the ability to select your food, set your delivery details, and do the payment right from your phone, we also give you one big thing other delivery restaurants don’t: choice. 

Sure, other restaurants may give you choice, as in ‘eat our special burger or eat our special omelette’. But they don’t give you access to 1900+ restaurants all over Switzerland! So if you’re looking for Switzerland online food delivery, this is exactly where you should be!

Oh, and did we mention… you also get tons of offers and vouchers right from our mobile app, and we have the food order app for iPhone as well as Android. You can’t eat your iPhone, but you can EAT.ch. 

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