What is the best order online platform?

It only takes ten seconds of thinking to decide on the answer for this one. You could think of the many online pizza order platforms, or the bakery websites that have all the user-friendliness of a crocodile before you decide that eat.ch simply has to be the best.

Tooting our own horn, are we? Oh, yes, absolutely. We have a pretty large horn… an Alphorn, you could say. So why not toot it?. To start off, we’ve got over 1900+ restaurants all over Switzerland, meaning that we will never go “I’m sorry sir, but we don’t deliver to your area”, and on-demand delivery, so you won’t be facing any “you must order two weeks in advance” speeches. Top it off with our user-friendly website, the expert chefs in our restaurants, a timely delivery system and you know that no other platform even remotely rivals us when it comes to getting the best food you can order online.

What's more, vouchers, discounts, and the ability to pay with just about any payment method you can think of should more than solidify your decision. Live in any of the main cities? So do we. Perhaps you decided to head off to a more rural place? Well, so did we! Anywhere you go, you simply can’t miss us. It’s just impossible. After all, we aren’t the #1 platform for customers and restaurants in Switzerland for no reason! Wherever you are, we’re near you.

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