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It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t know about this iconic brand, famous for its delicious chicken. Whether it’s boneless, winged, stuffed in a burger, it’s always bound to be delicious. It’s why they are so good!

I’m pretty sure that at some point, you have eaten something from KFC. Remember the delight of your teeth sinking into the soft meat? The crispy outer covering of the chicken that just tasted so yummy? Well, go right ahead and experience it again, this time through us, eat.ch, Switzerland’s largest online customer – restaurant platform. In order to become such a big brand with so many happy customers, KFC clearly knew how to hand-select the best of the best to partner with in delivering their customers the most efficient service possible. Considering our impressive track record, it wasn’t hard for KFC to decide that we should be the ones to bring delight to their customers, and we’ll more than gladly take the job. Just order away, its finger licking good!


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    KFC Genève

    Amerikanisch Burger

    Rue de Lausanne 12, 1201 Genf, Schweiz